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Your Body His Temple

God Created Your Body to Live 120 Years Healthfully

Healthy people don’t get sick but sick people get everything. In this presentation, Dr. Gene reveals God’s plan for His creation. He shares biblical secrets that resulted in life spans of well over 100 years, healthfully. He challenges you to learn, unlearn and relearn the basics of good health. see the complete video HERE


What's Making You Sick?

Life Expectancy Has Increased by 10 years Over the Last 30 Years

Even though the quantity of our years is increasing, the quality of our years is decreasing. Research has long shown that exercise (20-45 minutes a day of moderate-intensity activity) can improve your life expectancy (about 7 years), but more importantly, it significantly lowers your risk of developing age-related diseases. See the complete video HERE


Mayo Clinic Keynote

Diversity and Inclusion

We were created on purpose and for a purpose. One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than appreciating who you are. It takes a variety of ingredients to complete a recipe. Each individual ingredient may be bland and tasteless but when they are blended together it is undeniably good.



Resolving The Fear of Failure

In the greatest of us, there is fear and even in the weakest of us, there is faith. It seems unfair but we are born with the same measure of faith. What results is how we grow and apply it. The difference between winners and losers, rich and poor, and successes and failures can be attributed to the proper use of the principle of faith. See the complete video HERE